There are always so many excuses to not exercise. Most people think that getting in shape costs a fortune, when in reality it is how much you want to invest in your health and longevity.

    Gym memberships vary between franchises and most offer one-on-one personal training. The trainer is there to hold you accountable, and to show up consistently for workout sessions. If you have difficult time keeping yourself accountable, a trainer is the perfect solution.

    If a gym membership and trainer fees are out of your budget, there are still many ways to get fit. At home, workout videos and the workout apps are much cheaper. Most of them have a monthly fee for personalized or general programs that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Minimal equipment is usually needed for these types of programs.

    Life gets very busy with work, family, and social time with friends. When do you take time for yourself? There are many benefits to working out: relieve stress, bone strength, flexibility, weight loss, reduce risk of heart diseases, and increase energy.

    After intense exercise, some people feel a sense of euphoria, a release of endorphins during exercise.  Endorphins are a natural pain reliever produced in the pituitary gland; the more you workout the more changes you will notice in other parts of your routine. The pituitary gland is responsible for many daily bodily functions. For exercise to be effective, you need to be consistent with your program. It is impossible to lose weight or see results without it.

    There is always time to workout, you just have to commit and make time. Set goals that are achievable, not impossible. It is very important that your goals are specific and have a set date. Another tactic to see your progress, take before and after photos in the same outfit. A picture puts your progress in better perspective than a mirror.

    There are millions of excuses not to workout, but in reality excuses do not burn calories.

    When you do start going to the gym, don't worry about what everyone else is doing, just focus on your workout. Once you start to wander and watch others, then you begin the neverending circle of self-love and criticism. It doesn't matter how much weight the guy next to you is lifting, each person is different.

    This is your journey to make yourself a better person, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Our bodies are all so unique and react to exercise differently. Not everyone has to be ripped and bench 300 pounds; just be a healthy version of you.


    Lindsay Catherine Louters “LCAT” is the classified advertising manager and receptionist at the Crookston Times. She is a certified personal trainer at the Crookston Anytime Fitness.