The official believes she is being unfairly targeted.

A group is seeking to oust Burleigh County Commissioner Kathleen Jones through a recall petition due in part of for her support for resettling refugees in the county.
The petition against her, which lists a five-person sponsoring committee, calls for Jones to be recalled for "the reasons of contempt of the voters and negligence in office."
The county commission voted 3-2 in December to allow Lutheran Social Services to continue resettling refugees in Burleigh County. The meeting was prompted by an executive order from President Donald Trump that left the question up to states and counties. In January, the commission voted 3-2 not to put the question of future refugee resettlement before voters in the form of a nonbinding straw poll.
Recall organizer Robert Field told the Bismarck Tribune commissioners Jones, Jerry Woodcox and Mark Armstrong's votes in favor of resettlement and against a straw poll were reasons for the group to circulate a petition.
State law limits recall petitions to one official.
Field said Jones "was the easiest target."
Jones, who has served since 2014, believes she is being targeted because of her gender.
The recall group must gather nearly 12,000 signatures from county residents within one year to force a recall election.