Barnes County corrections officials are facing a second lawsuit over separate deaths at the county jail in 2018.

A federal suit filed Monday accuses the county, its sheriff and four deputies of deliberately ignoring the suicide risk of Lonny Bradley, who killed himself on Oct. 5, 2018. Bradley used bed sheets to hang himself from a shower curtain rod, 18 days after an unsuccessful suicide attempt in the same bathroom, the lawsuit says.
The complaint comes on the heels of a suit filed last year involving the July 21, 2018 death of 72-year-old Warren Lindvold, who died of a broken neck. Court documents say jail officials told Lindvold to "sleep it off" when he complained he was in the most intense pain he had experienced in his life.
Bradley had been admitted to the North Dakota State Hospital for mental health treatment after the first suicide attempt and was returned to the jail about a week later. The suit says corrections officials knew Bradley was suicidal and failed to take "reasonable measures" to ensure his safety.
The lawsuits seek unspecified damages for the families of Bradley and Lindvold.
Barnes County Sheriff Randy McClaflin did not immediately return messages left Wednesday by The Associated Press.