An escapee from a state-operated psychiatric hospital is charged with stealing a police squad car in Anoka County.

Mattu Chuol, 23, left the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center without permission last Thursday, according to prosecutors.
Officers arrived and found Chuol walking along a sidewalk. The Star Tribune says he spotted the squad car and took off.
One officer got out of her squad and began pursuing Chuol. Authorities say that's when he jumped into her car and took off. A few blocks later he stopped in the middle of the road and surrendered.
Chuol was found mentally incompetent to stand trial in December in two cases in Blue Earth County, one involving burglary and another for threatening violence and obstructing a police officer.
Chuol is now charged in Anoka County District Court with felony vehicle theft. It's not clear whether he has hired a defense attorney.