The team competed in Fergus Falls.

The Crookston High School Speech Team kicked off the 2020 season with their first meet in Fergus Falls Jan. 25.
    Students participated in three preliminary rounds, an honor's round and a final round.
    Receiving awards:
    - Victoria Proulx, 5th place final in Storytelling
    - Ben Brantner, 6th place final in Extemporaneous Speaking
    - Samantha Rezac, 6th place final in Storytelling
    Receiving recognition:
    - Zara Baig, 3rd place honors in Humorous Interpretation
    - Linnea French, 6th place honors in Extemporaneous Speaking
    - Sophia Rezac, 6th place honors in Informative Speaking
    Also participating were Elizabeth Helgeson in Humorous Interpretation and Emma Sherman in Informative Speaking.
    The team is joined by first year participants:  Emily Balboa, Daniel Jones, Emma Kiel, Christina Lisov, and Brandon Wandrie.  
    They are coached by Colleen MacRae (head coach), Phyllis Hagen (assistant coach) and Gaye Wick (mentor).

Pictured:  Front row:  Samantha Rezac, Zara Baig, Linnea French, Ella Kiel, Ben Brantner.  Second row:  Elizabeth Helgeson, Victoria Proulx, Isaac Wandrie, Daniel Jones.  Third row:  Christina Lisov, Brandon Wandrie, Ed Luckow, Emma Sherman.  Top row:  Emily Balboa, Sophia Rezac