National Catholic Schools Week 2020 is January 26 through February 1 and Crookston Cathedral School alumni share their favorite memories and what they like about seeing their child/children at the school, plus current students share what they like about Cathedral.

Shawn and Rilynn Aubol: Shawn – “Small class sizes and teachers that really cared about educating each student.  Being the first class that went camping overnight.  Receiving Reconciliation, 1st Communion and Confirmation.  I like seeing my daughter in smaller class sizes. Learning the core teachings of the church and a solid base for education in preparation for high school and beyond.” Rilynn – “I like Cathedral because you learn about God.”

Luke and Mara Biermaier: Luke - “My favorite memories of Cathedral School include Football at recess, the 6th grade camping trip, Track and Field Day, and the STAR team. As an adult looking back I am most thankful for, my faith based education, weekly mass, intimate class sizes, and a family of alumni and teachers.” “What I like best about seeing my child at Cathedral School is knowing that faith will be at the forefront of her education and she will have friends to share that faith and education with.” Mara - Pre-K - “I like coloring, learning about Jesus, and playing with my friends.”

Josh and Cylas Fontaine: Josh – “I liked the friends, the closeness and the size of the classroom.  We got extra attention and time if it was needed. My religion was around me all the time and I was always learning more and more.  I believe a Catholic Education follows through our entire life. I like that Cylas is always excited to go back to school because he says he has so much fun there and that he is meeting new friends and learning about God every day!” Cylas – Kindergarten – “My favorite part of Cathedral School is making friends.  I also get to learn my religion. Church and school community are always there for me. The very, very best part is learning EVERYTHING at Cathedral School, it’s the best!”

Nick and Layla Genereux: Nick – “I liked recess, lunch, fieldtrips, especially Camp Shalom, and participating in rake-a-thon. I like knowing Layla is getting a great education and she even has some of the teachers I had!” Layla – Kindergarten- “I like playing outside, gym, lunch and library.  I am glad we talk about God at school.  I like doing Morning Prayer at school.”

Kuchan Family: Tracy – “My favorite memories from Cathedral School are the great friendships I made during my time there, all of the fun activities during Catholic School’s Week, the annual Rake-a-thon service event and the great teachers and staff that made it a family like school environment.  I like seeing my children learn from some of the many great teachers that I once had.  I like that they are in smaller class sizes and are in a faith based environment that goes far beyond academics.” Nolan - 2nd grade – “I like the Cathedral School because it is fun.  My teacher is the best. She is really, really fun.  I have many friends at school.” Nora - Pre-K – “I like Cathedral School because I like the teachers.  I like to play and do crafts.”

Jake Reese Family: Jake – “I liked Catholic Schools Week, track and Field Day, Kindergarten and 6th Grade Graduation, Rake-a-thon and my friends.  It’s been fun seeing my kids roam the same hallways as I once did!” Judson – 1st grade - “I like Catholic Schools Week and the fun things we get to do. I like playing with my friends at recess. I like art and computer.” Jett – PreK – “I like to play with playdooh.  I like to ride the bus.”

Joe Reese Family: Joe – “We had 5th and 6th grade football with Mr. Widman, it was a lot of fun. We served mass on Wednesdays and would get to leave class a little early and show up to class a little later after mass.” “I love that my children get to experience the same great teachers that taught me.  It really is a blessing to be able to get your child’s life started out on the right foot, by surrounding them with such great people!” Jay – 6th grade – “The teachers challenge you to do good work and you learn about God.” Jameson – 2nd grade – “The teachers are really nice and I love the food!”

Jerrod Reese Family: Jerrod – “We had weekly mass in the gym. We played “HOT BOX” in between the trees by the playground during recess. The Science fair in the gym, just like it is now and the wonderful teachers.” “I like seeing my children get the same foundation of faith, family and education that has remained over three decades.” Jennika – 3rd grade - “I like going to mass. Everyone in my school is my friend. The teachers always teach us new things.” Jordy – preschool - “I like my friends and teacher.  I like playing with toys and learning new things.”

Zachariah Plante Family: Jacob Snyder – “I remember making ice cream in 2nd grade, playing dodgeball with classmates in-between the two trees outside Mrs. Cymbaluk’s classroom. Also playing 4 square and getting into it with classmates, we had a competitive class. Also we had 25 plus students and when the flood of 1997 was occurring we gained even more students from EGF.   I made some really good friends, actually my best bud and I met at Cathedral school and he has been a roommate of mine, a groomsman in my wedding and also like a brother to me….You know who you are!!!  Special people there!” “I like to see Zac participating in mass. He is so much braver than I was! He has no fear of reading in front of his student body.  I am really proud of Zac that he cares so much about his school and his classmates.  He is a great kid!” Zac – 6th grade – “I like all of my friends at Cathedral!”

Margaret and Tiernan Stephens: Margaret – “I loved the Advent/Christmas programs, especially the year I played a sheep. Preparing for my First Communion with my beautiful shimmery gold First Communion book.  Being read the entire “Little House” series by Laura Ingalls Wilder in 4th grade by our teacher, Ms. Judy Anderson.  All of 3rd grade! Ms. Colleen Thompson was an outstanding teacher.  I was an inspiring young writer and Ms. Thompson encouraged me, particularly by teaching me how to develop story lines and improve my writing. I love seeing Tiernan in the same classrooms, in the same church, where I myself spent such wonderful, memorable school years. Knowing that our son’s first educational experience will be in this family –oriented, faith-based school is truly a blessing. It is easy to see that Mrs. Halos takes time to get to know each of her students and their families.  Tiernan adores her. Dan and I also really like and appreciate how all the faculty and staff put forth effort to know all the students.” Tiernan – Kinder-Stars – “I love when Mrs. Halos teaches me to sing and dance. I especially love, “I’ve got the Love of Jesus in My Heart.” I like to make pretend cookies with Mya and Wyatt. Playing Hungry Dinosaur in the gym is my favorite game.  My friends are all my best friends and even Mrs. Halos is my friend and even Mr. Proulx is my friend!”

Danielle and Cason Sylvester: Danielle - “I honestly have way too many positive memories. I loved everything about Cathedral. The small class sizes, knowing all of the teachers and staff, and that everlasting connection to my classmates.” “The best part of Cason being at Cathedral is that I get constant memories flooding my brain on my childhood.  It brings comfort to my heart knowing Cason is surrounded by amazing people. I also love that he gets to learn about God daily. The other day Cason said, "Mama, do you know who made the Sun? God did!! He did that!" That brought an instant smile to my face. :) “ Cason – Kinder-Stars - “Cason said he loves Mrs. Halos and then randomly went on about loving bobcats, pay loaders, and dump trucks.”

Amanda, Kinsley and Kambree Wangen: Amanda – “My favorite memories of Cathedral School are the tight-knit bonds made with classmates and those in other classes; the fun, wonderful teachers and participating in all the community service activities – especially rake-a-thon!  I love seeing my girl’s faith grow along with the academics and that they have some of the same teachers that I did, making the same impact on their lives as they did mine.” Kinsley – 3rd grade – “I like that we get to learn about God and all my friends.” Kambree – 1st grade – “I like that we learn about Jesus at Cathedral School.”

Stephanie and Jackson Webster: Stephanie – “Some of my favorite school memories include leading school masses, the Titanic unit in 3rd grade, the 6th grade camping trip and the field trips to the Chester Fritz for different musicals.” “I love seeing Jackson’s love for learning developing, the knowledge of Christ, sign language and wonderful friendships.” Jackson – Kinder Stars – “I like my friends, going to music, library and gym.  I like sign language, reading books and using scissors to make letters.”

Marcos Bosquez Family: Roxanne Zapata – “Some of my favorite memories are of the great teachers I had. 4th grade started with Mrs. Mills (now Mrs. Ryan) I also experienced my Baptism, 1st Communion and Confirmation. In 5th grade we had the amazing Mrs. Erickson. We learned how to make Sushi. My favorite spot was in the reading corner with Dugan the red dog. 6th grade we an epic year with Mr. Bakken. We went to our 1st rock concert. We had a blast at camp and of course an awesome graduation. I will always remember the fun we had with the rake-a-thon.  I will never forget our lunch lady Mary. She always made us feel extra special on our birthdays. I like seeing my child keep his faith throughout the day and express it. I feel like he is with family because the teachers are so wonderful. Most of them were there when I was there.  I also like that the kids are involved with helping our community.” Marcos – 6th grade - “I like that we go to church and that we can talk about God and I like my friends that I made.  The teachers are really nice too.”