Saying she can no longer perform the duties in her contract, Dillabough says a 'young person needs to be doing this job.'

Longtime manager of the Golden Link Senior Citizens Center in downtown Crookston, Patty Dillabough, resigned last week and is seeking other employment, while her former employer is now looking for her successor.

The Golden Link Board of Directors this week felt compelled to issue a statement advised by legal counsel. The statement, shared with the Times by Golden Link Board President Rand Hughes, indicates that Dillabough “has decided to resign her position” at the Golden Link. The statement goes on to say that Dillabough’s talents over the years were appreciated and she is wished the best in her future endeavors. 

Indications are that the Golden Link Board will use the transition as an opportunity to restructure some things, including staff and responsibilities, and implement a committee-based approach to handle specific tasks and duties.

Asked if she had any comment on the Golden Link’s statement, Dillabough on Tuesday downplayed the situation, saying “there really is no story.” While saying the Golden Link is a great place to “be and work,” Dillabough added that she was not able to “do the work in my contract anymore.” She suggested that it’s maybe time for a fresh face with some new perspectives and ideas to lead the senior center. “A young person needs to be doing this job,” Dillabough said.

“I hope everyone continues to enjoy everything the Link has to offer,” she added.