Klatt says he wasn’t hesitant to run again because community members will vote for who they want to represent them and not the Council

    The Times conducted an interview with Crookston City Council Ward 6 candidate Dylane Klatt ahead of the January 22 committee interviews that will be held at City Hall. Here's what Dylane has to say on a number of topics:

What interests you in serving on the city council?  

    I want to help improve the community and have the community have faith in our City Government so we can get things done for the residents of Crookston.

What do you hope to accomplish if you are selected?

    We have a lot of young families in our neighborhoods and we need to find ways to make Crookston a great place for them to live.  I plan on working closely with the other council members while listening and weighing the pros and cons of every situation to get some work done for our residents.

What do you feel is more important for Crookston right now? Building new homes and commercial space or expanding and/or rehabbing our existing homes and storefronts?   

    Both are important but I think we need to continue to find new business to move into our community. I am all about wanting our community to grow. For instance, we have Riverview Health building a new hospital and it employs a lot of people from Crookston and the surrounding communities. This is giving residents options for staying closer to home for their healthcare needs and we need to work together to provide other options for residents weather it shopping, dining etc.  In todays day and age it’s all about convenience for the younger generation.

What are your thoughts on Epitome Energy? Do you know much about the proposed facility? Do you think it’s a good investment?   

    To be honest I need to learn more about this project.  So far I have only heard and read the potential positive impact to the community if everything works out as advertised.  For some reason the council will not let anyone speak who has an opposing view to this project.  In order for the council to be effective stewards to the community we need to have S.W.O.T analysis done and that includes hearing from opposing views. However I believe it is always a good investment bringing new jobs to the community.

During the last opening for the Ward 6 position, you applied and were not chosen to move forward to the council vote. Do you feel that this time around is different? Were you hesitant at all to put your name in again? Or did it persuade you even more to run a second time?   

    I wasn’t hesitant at all because this time actual community members of Ward 6 will be voting for the council member who will represent them and their interest, not the Council Members voting for someone who will represent their interest.

Do you feel that the current council is split on too many things making it hard to get things done for the city? Why or why not?  

    Yes I do.  Every council member has certain issues that they are passionate about, which isn’t a bad thing and we can sometimes get closed minded on them. We need to find a way to come together and really take in to consideration what our residents would want us to do.  Talk with the citizens, listen to their concerns, we are all on the same team working together for the betterment of the community.

What are your feelings on the current City Charter? Some proposed changes were suggested recently, but the commission didn't elect to make any changes to those areas. How do you feel about a majority rules vote to pass ordinances versus the need for a five-member vote if there are vacancies on the council?  

    At this time I don’t feel it would be necessary to change our City Charter pertaining to the voting of ordinances.   

What are your feelings on Downtown Crookston? Do you feel it’s healthy and successful? Or does it need a lot of work?   

    I feel we have some sections of downtown that are prospering, we need to find some more business to bring in that will connect them all together so we can bring the foot traffic back downtown.                               

Do you feel that Crookston is marketed properly? Do you feel our amenities, like the CSC, downtown, parks and other areas, are getting the attention they deserve?  

    I think we can always improve on marketing our community.  Crookston has a lot to be proud of and we should do everything we can to let people know what we have.  For example I feel we should get more use out of the CSC, like the huge craft show we currently have.  It brings a lot of people to the community.  As for the downtown, we need to bring out some of the history of Crookston and its older buildings and see if we can put some unique business in them. Also it  would be nice for Veterans Memorial that is currently on the outskirts of town be relocated somewhere downtown honoring our Veterans.

What is your favorite place to visit in Crookston?  

    I can’t narrow it down to one place. I enjoy visiting our various eating establishments and other business in our community. We also enjoy canoeing on the Red Lake River and wish we would market that more.

If you received a $1 million grant to use any way you wanted for the City of Crookston, what would you do with it and why?  

    I think I would like to use it towards our city’s infrastructure including more walking and biking paths around the Red Lake River area

Anything else you'd like to say?

    If elected I will do my best for the residence of Ward 6 and the rest of the residence of Crookston.