Public performance of 'The Remarkable Susan' set for Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. at CHS.

The CHS One-Act is back, this time with a tribute to Susan B. Anthony. “The Remarkable Susan” by Tim Kelly was written as commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Anthony’s trial. Now, 147 years later, the high school will be performing the play for the public on January 21 at 7 p.m., with a free will donation at the door.

The one act play is a drama written from the court records of Anthony’s trial, who was put on trial for casting a vote in the 1872 Congress election. Susan B. Anthony is known best in history for this trial, and her women’s rights advocacy. 

“This play really resonated with me because not only was it about Susan B. Anthony,” director Beth Carlson said, “who was so instrumental in getting the 19th Amendment passed, but this year is also the 100th anniversary of when women were given the right to vote.” 

Carlson also emphasized the effort of the entire ensemble, as the entire cast is on stage almost the entire length of the play. Carlson said, “It’s written to give the director a lot of freedom for staging and costuming. The ideas presented are timeless. I’ve enjoyed the process very much with this great cast and crew!”


Cast and crew

Susan B. Anthony - Victoria Proulx

Crowley - Blaine Asman

Henry Selden - George French

Clerk - Janae Luckow

Young Girl - Zara Baig

Woman - Linnea French

Man #1 - Logan Melvin

Man #2 - Ethan Erdmann

Postmistress - Samantha Rezac

Journalist/Assistant to the Director - Eliza Meyer

Guelma - Sarah Ryan

Hannah - Ella Kiel

Mary - Anna Huck

Judge Hunt - Justin Pietruszewski

SOUND and LIGHTS - Sophia Rezac, Brianna Holborn

Director - Beth Carlson

Costume designer - Phyllis Hagen

Set construction - Pat Seidel

Artistic consultant - Trey Everett