The public is invited to participate in the free faith-based recovery group, Life’s Healing Choices, beginning Thursday, Jan. 16th at RiverView Recovery Center, 721. S. Minnesota Street, Crookston.

    This Biblically based recovery group came about after the enthusiastic response to the recent Crookston presentations by faith and recovery speaker, Nate Espinoza. Espinoza experienced long-term recovery from drugs and alcohol when he incorporated a Biblical knowledge to his spiritual journey, and he now invites others to share in this faith-based, sober, support group.

    “Spirituality is considered an essential and integral part of all 12-Step programs, the difference is in how spirituality is defined,’’ shared RiverView Recovery Center Director Curtis Hamre. “Life’s Healing Choices defines our Higher Power as the Biblical description of Jesus Christ. However, you do not have to be a ‘Christian’ to attend or benefit from Life’s Healing Choices.”

    “Many in our region have already benefitted from involvement in faith-based recovery programs like Celebrate Recovery, Teen Challenge, etc. We are very grateful to have the opportunity and passionate partners to help provide this level of care and healing to the families in the Crookston area who are struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and habits that tear apart their family relationships. Life’s Healing Choices goes beyond the disease of addiction that enslaves many people in our area, to bring healing and wholeness over addictive and problematic behaviors.’’

    The weekly faith-based recovery group is a collaboration between RiverView Recovery Center and Freedom Church, Crookston. The group will be led by Lisa Meine, Crookston; Jodi Ramberg, Crookston; and Espinoza.

    Free educational materials, including the book “Life’s Healing Choices’’, will be provided. For more information, contact Espinoza at 218-275-2350.