Jerry Lindsay was nominated as a “Good Neighbor” as part of the Crookston Times’ Good Neighbor program for volunteering to give rides to RiverView staff during their construction project.

    Nominator Crystal Maruska said he had given rides in his personal vehicle while the Emergency Department and Gift Shop doors were shutdown during construction. “His smile and warm vehicle made many employees’ day!,” Maruska told the Times mentioning that otherwise staff would have had to walk longer distances to get into the building. “He’s such a good guy and has made people happy.”

    Other “Good Neighbors” brought to the Times’ attention recently include:

    • Justin Chandler – Here’s what his nominator, Angie Robertson, has to say: “I would like to nominate Justin Chandler at 544 Summit Ave. for being such a good neighbor to us. He plows the long sidewalk all the way up and down our street every time it snows and has done this for years, and even does the sidewalks up to our doorsteps, and both driveways on the sides of his house. He has never asked for anything in return. He has also helped to give our vehicles a jump start or to help push out of the snow when stuck. We are so fortunate to have such great neighbors as the Chandlers!”

    • Jessica Ibanez – Her nominator, Jim Thomasson, tells the Times that Ibanez, neighbor to him and his wife, Nancy, at the Colonade Apartments in downtown Crookston, is “such a gracious person” who has collected their mail and other deliveries while they have had to be out of town for Nancy’s cancer treatments. “She’s been a wonderful help to us,” Jim says.