There's a layer of ice under all that white, too, which is complicating matters.

You know by now about plows being pulled from the roads in Polk County and the blizzard warning that's in effect until 6 a.m. Monday. You know that around a foot of snow has fallen so far and that 5 to 8 more inches of snow could fall throughout the rest of Sunday and into early Monday. You know there's a layer of ice under all of the new snow, and that it's very windy and visibility is poor.

But if you thought you might be able to navigate your way around Crookston on Sunday, through as-yet un-plowed neighborhood streets and intersections, think again. Yes, some pickups and other four-wheel drive vehicles are managing, sometimes barely, to get around, anyone driving a low-profile vehicle lacking 4x4 capabilities is asking for trouble. Vehicles are stuck throughout Crookston.

So hunker down, put some soup on the stove, and watch football or something. If you were planning to attend an event or activity, it's probably been cancelled. No travel is advised in Polk County and throughout northwestern Minnesota.

If there's a positive spin to the storm, it's that the temperature is a relatively balmy 25 degrees.