The City Council Ways & Means Committee discussed the proposed language for a distillery/brew pub ordinance at this week’s meeting and agreed the city code should be updated with new additions and a new fee schedule. The city’s current liquor ordinance, with the proposed changes for licenses related to brewers and distillers, could allow for someone interested in opening a taproom, brew pub with on-sale and off-sale, or micro-distillery in Crookston.

    Additional language to the city’s current liquor ordinance to allow for a distillery or brew pub was originally requested by Small Business Development Center consultant Christine Anderson who mentioned she may have an interested client that would like to open a business in Crookston.

    Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner presented the Ways & Means committee with information similiar to the city of Hutchinson’s liquor ordinance which includes proposed license guidelines for taprooms, small brewer off-sale, brew pub on and off sale, a brew on-premise store, and micro-distillery cocktail room licenses. The information provided also included definitions for each type of establishment, what is considered to be “Intoxicating liquor” and production and sale quantity limits.

    At-Large councilman Bobby Baird asked if there would be location restrictions for brew pub/distillery entrepreneurs and Weasner confirmed they would have to abide by the current restrictions which include not being within 75-feet of a church.

    When asked by Ward 1 councilman Jake Fee if there were any suggestions for license fees, Weasner said she thought a $150 fee would be an appropriate range so they could do background checks and recoup those costs.

    Weasner told the councilmen that she would continue working on the proposed language and come forward with the final proposal with the updated fee schedule.