Doctors say the baby was in an unsafe sleeping environment.

 The parents of a premature baby who died are accused of missing medical appointments for the child and keeping a filthy home in Bismarck.
Ashlynn Seymour and Marcus Reineke, both 20, are charged with child neglect.
Their baby boy was born 3 1/2 months premature in December 2018 and spent three months in neonatal intensive care. Police investigated the baby's death in August after Seymour found him face down and unresponsive in his bassinet, which doctors said was an unsafe sleeping environment. Court documents do not list a cause of death.
Social services officials who visited the baby's home filed two assessments that stated there was "a risk of neglect due to inadequate parenting," according to a police affidavit.
Family members interviewed by police said the baby continuously had a blistery diaper rash and lived in a smelly environment of dirty diapers and garbage, the  Bismarck Tribune reported.
A defense attorney declined comment on the case.