Committee in April will confirm if bird that frequents the West Coast, Southwest and Central America is a recorded first for Minnesota

    There are 444 birds on the official 2019 "Checklist of the Birds of Minnesota."   

    Spotting a bird that isn't on the list doesn't happen very often.  But when it does, birders flock to see it - even when the temperature drops below zero.  That's what happened a week ago, near the Agassiz Valley Impoundment, 8 miles southeast of Warren.

    Experts from the Twin Cities confirmed the bird's identity, first from photographs - then birders came up to see it first-hand.  

    The lone Lesser Goldfinch spent four days hanging out with dozens of Pine Siskins at feeders full of hulled sunflowers.   

     According to, these birds are normally found on the west coast, the southwestern states and parts of Central America.  

    No matter where you live, you can help scientists keep track of wild birds at   

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    If you spot an unusual bird in the Red River Valley, Agassiz Audubon Society wants to know.  Call or text 218-745-5663 or email  Include your name, email address, phone number, when/where you spotted the bird and a photo if you have one.