Local author’s book based on her first grandchild, who was born hard of hearing

    Crookston’s newest children’s book, “Super Kena” made its debut at the Crookston Eagles’ kid’s Christmas party over the weekend. Local author Becky Cymbaluk, who works for the United Way of Crookston, wrote the book “Super Kena - A Girl Made Fierce with Hearing Aids” for her first grandchild who was born hard of hearing.

    After searching the internet to find a book about a child with hearing aids, and finding it difficult to find one, Cymbaluk decided to write her own book for Kena. It’s meant to empower kids like Kena, but also those who are “differently-abled” children who get teased and only want to fit in.

    Cymbaluk has learned American Sign Language, which the book also features, to help her communicate and bond with Kena. They use sign language to “bridge the gap” between Kena’s way of speaking and others’ understanding.

    The book is about a young girl who, after kids at school make fun of her hearing aids, gets the idea to gather her “differently-abled” classmates together to create a team of super heroes. Besides “Super Kena”, there’s “Amazing Anna” whose glasses give her perfect vision, “Watchful Wendy” who uses an insulin pump to fight her diabetes, “Zippy Zach” who uses his super wheelchair to zip around, “Quiet Quinn” that battles his stutter with the help of a speech teacher, “Precise Priya” whose food allergy to peanuts is no match, and “Determined Danny” who can run as fast of the wind with the power of his asthma inhaler.

    “Together they use their unique super powers to make a difference in the world by spreading understanding and acceptance… one classroom at a time,” says the book’s website, www.superkena.com.

    “Super Kena” comes in a hardcover book for $14.95 and, coming soon, an E-Book version. You can purchase the book at www.superkena.com, which also has coloring pages to download, and guests can even leave a review. Another book signing will take place on Saturday, January 18 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ferguson Books in Grand Forks.

    Super Kena can be also found on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to contact Becky, email becky@superkena.com or leave your information on the website.