Weasner’s PowerPoint contains some timely data and other interesting tidbits about the City’s finances and operation

    As she does in the half-hour before a Crookston City Council meeting every December, City Finance Director Angel Weasner, now the interim city administrator as well, led council members and any interested citizens through a PowerPoint presentation detailing the 2020 City budget and property tax levy at the annual truth-in-taxation hearing.

    After much debate that began with a proposed 2020 property tax levy increase of 5%, at the council’s suggestion Weasner trimmed the levy increase to 3%.

    Weasner’s PowerPoint doesn’t just stick to dollars and cents or revenue and expense ledgers and line-item budget items. She also provides a current snapshot of the City operation and Crookston community in general.

    Here’s a collection of tidbits pulled from Weasner’s presentation:

    • The City of Crookston was incorporated on Feb. 14, 1879.

    • A 3% levy increase in 2020 will produce $65,028 in additional revenue for the City’s budget.

    • After fluctuating between 60 and 61 since 2010, the City’s total full-time employee count in 2020 will increase to 62. That accounts for Cody Brekken, the swimming pool manager, after the City took over ownership of the pool from the school district in 2019, and it also accounts for the addition of a full-time custodial person after council members discussed the many City facilities that need to be maintained every day and concluded that more custodial staff is necessary.

    • The City’s two largest staffs are found at the Crookston Police Department, with 18, followed by Parks and Recreation, with 17.5 full-time-equivalent staff.

    • Given its lack of property wealth and corresponding property tax revenue, Crookston, perhaps more than any other qualifying city in Minnesota, benefits the most from Local Government Aid. In 2020, 32% of the City’s revenue will come from LGA dollars. In 2019, Crookston received $3,707.243 in LGA from the state; in 2020 that number will increase to $3,853,158.

    • LGA in 2020 will comprise 63% of the City’s general fund revenue. Local property tax revenue will amount to 7% of general fund revenue. Four percent will come from reserves.

    • The CPD is the City’s biggest general fund expense, at 36.93%. Public Works is next, at 21.54%, followed by the Crookston Fire Department, at 16.32.

    • The City’s 2020 general fund budget, compared to 2019, is increasing 3.16%.

    • Of Crookston properties, 78% are residential homes, 15% is commercial/industrial, and 7% are apartments.

    • The 2010 U.S. Census estimated the number of Crookston household to be 3,029. The State of Minnesota demographer estimates that the current number is 3,243.

    • The 2020 property tax levy of $2,232,692, based on 3,243 households, equates to $688,47 per year per household, or $57.37 per household, per month.