The women had been transporting horses for over twenty years.

A Canadian woman trampled while moving horses at North Dakota University's Equine Center has died from her injuries. according to colleagues.
WPS Transport owner Sarah Champoux said Kim Elliott, of Alberta, Canada, was kicked by a horse she was preparing to transport, knocked to the floor of a trailer and trampled on Tuesday.
Champoux, who worked with Elliott, said she had been transporting horses for more than 20 years. Champoux said Elliott had a great sense of humor and was a tenacious woman who was tough as nails.
In a Facebook post, WPS Transport says dealing with young, untrained, feisty horses can be a difficult career choice. WPS Transport says it's a "reality check"for anyone who works in the industry.
The center serves the university's Equine Science academic program which conducts much of its teaching and outreach there.