Photographs by University of Minnesota Crookston senior, Ian Timberlake of Minneapolis, Minn., majoring in Applied Studies, and drawings by 2019 UMN Crookston biology graduate, Vanessa Robbins of Rosemount, Minn., are now open to the public for viewing in the hallway between Dowell Hall and the UMN Crookston Library. There are three illustrations and ten photographs on display to showcase the talent of these students.
Vanessa Robbins

    “I started drawing in the fourth grade. At that time, my drawings composed of only horses, as horses have always been, and always will be, a love of mine. When I started at UMN Crookston in 2014 as an Equine Science major, I put drawing away as I explored what this northern campus had to offer. I picked up drawing again in the fall of 2018, in Gary Stegman’s art class. Under his guide, my artistic skills flourished. By this time my major has changed to Biology. My interests had changed as well. As a result of these changes, my drawing subjects currently reflect my deep passion for animals and nature. These days I am still practicing my drawing skills. I am also looking toward the future as I find my calling, being a 2019 graduate from UMC. I hope to become a part-time artist one day and create art for various people and places.”

Ian Timberlake

    “I am currently an online student with 18 credits left to graduate in Applied Studies. I have a somewhat strange educational path. I studied Aerospace Engineering at Iowa State University from 2008 until 2013 where I stepped away with about 20 credits away from graduation. I stepped away because in 2011 I was diagnosed with epilepsy after having a severe episode of seizures, to which the seizures continued such that it was making it extremely difficult to complete my AerE degree. I left in order to get my health under control, which it now is, but I have since moved up to Minneapolis, became engaged, and have had a full-time job as a buyer for an outdoor store for nearly 6 years. I’d either have to uproot this life and move back to Ames, IA to complete the courses after being out for so long, or build a degree, locally, with my previous credits. This is where UMN Crookston and Applied Studies comes into play. Nearly all of my credits transferred so the remaining credits are focused on International Business and the requirements of UMN Crookston.

    Aerospace-engineering-ish things have been a passion of mine since childhood. I bought a camera in 2015 to attach to a telescope to photograph planets and galaxies. Owning and using the camera fostered a new general hobby of photography. I became somewhat obsessed in taking evermore interesting photos outside of astrography. I’m self-taught, albeit I’d probably benefit from a few photography courses as I still don’t have many years of experience behind me. Once some of my photos received international attention in galleries and online, I started to get requests to purchase prints or photograph events: weddings, families, maternity, headshots, etc. I’m not, and don’t plan to be a professional photographer but it is something I do on the side for the extra cash. My focus is purely on satisfying my own interest in taking interesting photos and it makes me happy that other people enjoy them.”