Fund once run by ‘Crookston Area Ministers’ group needs to be replenished

    Over the years, a group known as the Crookston Area Ministers saw to it that a fund was in place to assist those in the community with short-term emergency needs. Requests were usually for things like grocery cards, gas vouchers, bus tickets, etc.

    “We are grateful that this fund is administered by staff at the Care and Share in Crookston, said Rev. Greg Isaacson at Trinity Lutheran Church. “When a minister would get a request, we would simply refer people to the Care and Share, where a social worker was able to evaluate needs and direct them to available resources.”

    But the initiative has waned in recent years. Isaacson said the Crookston Area Ministers no longer meet and requests for assistance have depleted the fund to near zero. In an effort to replenish this fund and maintain a steady revenue for the future, he said, a few people have come together to promote the need for this fund and to encourage churches, organizations, groups, and individuals to support this particular ministry need.

    Father Vincent Miller, Rev. Michelle Miller, and Rev. Isaacson have named this the Emergency Assistance Fund.

    “Our goal is to get churches and any other organizations to include the Emergency Assistance Fund as a line item in their annual and/or monthly budgets,” Isaacson explains. “We also encourage such groups to host an event where the proceeds would go to supply this fund with additional revenue as needs fluctuate throughout any given year.”     

    The Emergency Assistance Fund is separate from the general operating needs of the Care and Share, he adds.

    People can give through their churches. Donations can be mailed to Care and Share, 220 E. 3rd St., Crookston, Minnesota, 56716. Contributors are asked to indicate that proceeds should go to The Emergency Assistance Fund.