Superintendent and his administrative team are in conversations with a firm that specializes in social media communications strategy

    Stressing that no money has been spent, Crookston School District Superintendent Jeremy Olson says that he continues to have conversations with a company that specializes in helping organizations with their social media presence and overall social media communications strategy. Olson says he’s brought his administrative team into the conversations as well.

    At a point that is likely fast approaching, Olson says a decision will have to be made on whether or not the district wants to spend money to enhance and otherwise improve its social media presence and communications approach.

    “Whether (the firm) does some work with us, a lot of the work, or they do everything, each is going to have a cost,” Olson said.

    Although he hasn’t made a formal presentation to the school board or asked for them to approve the expense, Olson continues to indicate that he thinks the district’s social media communications strategy is a critical part of the district’s overall approach to communicating with students and families and the community and disseminating information that’s necessary, interesting, or positive about the district.

    “I do believe that with social media’s prevalence as far as getting information out that we do need to do something,” Olson says. “But we’re proceeding carefully and diligently to make sure it benefits the district.”

    On a different but related front, Olson notes that he’s in discussions with the vendor that built the school district’s website, which he said in its current state is “not exactly what we’d like to see.”

    It would cost $25,000 to cancel the contract with the current vendor in favor of going with someone else, so Olson said that’s not an feasible financial option. But the current vendor has offered to do a site “reboot” free of charge that would result in a new template and design. Talks on site options are continuing with the vendor, he said.