As a result, at Superintendent Olson's request, school board pulls back on previous 10% school supply budget reduction.

    With student enrollment in Crookston Public Schools so far in the 2019-20 school year significantly above especially conservative projections forecast last summer, across-the-board 10% school supply budget cuts previously approved as part of an overall reduction package totaling around $400,000 have been restored by the school board, at the request of Superintendent Jeremy Olson.

    The 10% supply reductions would have saved the school district around $30,000, Olson said, but appear to no longer be necessary.

    “Why make a cut that you don’t have to make?” he said at this week’s board meeting.
    Stung by a trend in recent years that had enrollment projections made in advance of an upcoming school year being followed by significant enrollment dips during the school year, which resulted in a combination of deficit-spending and modest budget cuts, the board this past summer made an especially conservative “average daily membership” (ADM) projection of 1,082. (ADM is what per-student state education funding is based on, and is a bit different than an actual student count.)

    “We wanted to be responsible,” Olson said of the budget reductions last spring that were followed by the summer’s conservative 2019-20 ADM projection, the revenue from which drives much of the spending decisions in the budget. “But we’ve been very fortunate, with enrollment much, much stronger than we anticipated,” he added. “As a result, I believe we’re in a fiscal position to absorb the reversal of (the 10% school supply budget reduction).”

    Actual student enrollment – again, a bit different than ADM – on opening day of the 2019-20 school year was 1,128. It peaked at 1,140, and in October was 1,131. This week, Olson said, it’s at 1,132. “We are tracking very well on enrollment,” he said.