The future is uncertain for DaRoos Pizza in Crookston as today is the last day that Julie and Larry Love will be managing the downtown restaurant. Julie told the Times that it was a last-minute decision to leave after a disagreement with DaRoos owner, Amanda Grover, about proposed changes to staff numbers.

    Grover told the Times she was “quite disturbed” when word got out that the Loves were leaving and that other information was disseminated without her being given an opportunity to comment. As for right now, Grover is trying to “scrounge” for employees to try to keep the restaurant open.

    “This wasn’t fair to me,” Grover explained. “I would have given everyone two weeks notice if I was going to close (the restaurant.) Not immediate like we’re closing the next day.”

    DaRoos will allegedly be open through the weekend and the hope is to be open for next week, too. Grover said she’s still trying to connect with current staff about their shifts.

    Grover also told the Times that she’s had conversations with the Loves, who have managed the restaurant since the spring, about their payroll running at 50 percent and that she demanded they cut that back which, she believed, was not an “unfair” demand.

    “Everyone knows that from restaurants all over the U.S. they should be running at 30 percent,” Grover explained. “They refused and that’s why they left.”

    “I have no doubt that DaRoos could work for someone running it, comparing it to our other store numbers; It could make it,” she added.

    “They (Julie and Larry Love) did a lot of great things for the restaurant,” Grover continued. “The bottom line is that they can’t be in the negative. I hope someone else could come in and do what needs to be done whether they do a different restaurant.”


    Julie Love told the Times that Grover wanted to make drastic changes with employees and other things which led to their departure. Love said she felt the customer service they’ve built up has been “jeopardized” and the support for their employees led them to want to part ways.

    “I have better morals than that,” Love explained. “A lot of the employees are quitting today; They want to leave if we’re not there.”

    “The buffet belongs to us so that will go with us today (Friday),” she added. “She (Amanda) will still do a buffet, but on a much smaller scale than what we have.”

    Love said she and Larry will be there until normal closing hours Friday, around 9 p.m.     “I hate to do it because we really love what we were doing,” she continued. “It’s fun with the regulars, getting to know the customers, knowing what they’re eating and getting their drinks right away. We really have made it our own and we took things to heart.”

    Love said that they were essentially asked to “pick and choose” who they wanted to keep for employees and they didn’t want to do it.

    “I know managers have to make tough decisions some times, I’ve had to be a tough boss, but if she wants to pick and choose what she wants done then she can do it,” Love stated. “We want to go out on a good note, a positive note; That’s why we decided at the last minute. It’s Amanda’s business, it could be a week, it could be a month. We don’t like the feeling of not knowing what’s going to happen.”

    “The tough part is the customers and the employees.”