A Crookston woman addressed the Park Board Monday sharing concerns of the cleanliness of the Crookston Sports Center after being a regular visitor watching her kids play hockey and walking the track. Jodi Dragseth said she had photos of the areas she thought needed the most improvement and cited some spaces where it’s been weeks and they still haven’t been cleaned.

    Dragseth mentioned she had notes dating back from 2013 and 2018 when she was watching her kids practice and noticed spills and dirt, and asked if there is a checklist provided to the employees who oversee the CSC.

    “I feel that a community center should be clean and it shows pride,” she explained. “I truly think it’s a beautiful place, it’s a gold mine. With a little more thought it could be nice.”

    Dragseth added that her 16-year-old son also noticed “a lot of dirt” and asked if his hockey team could help clean and possibly get some money back towards their hockey program. City Finance Director Angel Weasner was quick to comment on how the city cannot pay someone else to clean the facility.

    Ward 4 City Council Member Don Cavalier asked Dragseth where the worst spots were and she replied with the concessions stand area.

    “It would take maybe a bucket and a rag, and wipe down walls and clean fingerprints,” she explained. “The old hot chocolate spills are gross, there’s sticky stuff on the floor and the water fountains, I won’t drink out of them, it’s gross to me.”

    “If I’m going to try to complain about it, I want to do something about it,” Dragseth continued. “It’s beautiful.”

    Parks & Recreation Director Scott Riopelle asked to meet Dragseth at the CSC Tuesday so she could point out some of the trouble spots and mentioned his staff has been concentrating on converting the arenas to ice, but now they’re into full swing (for hockey and skating.) He also noted that the “sentence to serve” people had just been there and come through quite often.

    Park Board Chair Garrett Borowicz asked if the CSC had a man-lift as he’s noticed the ledges in the Blue Arena could use some cleaning as well.