The reserved parking spots at the Crookston Sports Center will see a price tag increase for 2020 after the Park Board voted for the inflation this week. It will now cost $250 each for the six available spots, an increase of $50 per spot over last year’s price.

    Park Board member Mike LaFrance first suggested a price increase of $25 per spot, but Park Board member Becky Kofoed countered with a $100 increase noting that “if the demand is there, might as well make some money off it.” Kofoed added that she knows people might not be happy to hear that comment. The Park Board then whittled the increase down to $50 before signing off.

    The issue of people wanting more than one reserved parking spot was also addressed this week as most Park Board members agreed it should be limited to one per household unless they don’t have enough interest.

    Park Board Chair Garrett Borowicz noted that he doesn’t like the reserved parking spots, but that’s his “personal opinion.”


    Reserved parking first became available at the CSC at the end of 2015 for 2016 costing $120 per space, but increased to $200 each a year later.

    Former Park Board members and the Crookston Blue Line Club expressed concerns of the initial idea, but City Administrator Shannon Stassen told the Times in November 2015 that he was directed by the CSC Marketing Task Force and City Council to come up with ways to boost revenue at the CSC.

    People that have reserved the spots have periodically had issues with people parking in their spots and have had to contact CSC staff to announce over the PA system to move their cars or be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

    Former Mayor Wayne Melbye told the Park Board in 2018 that he bought a reserved parking space for his son for Christmas, who coaches junior varsity hockey, and noted that he loved his spot.