Top five things we'd like to see happen this week

Donate non-perishable items, get holiday lights

This Tuesday, November 19, Otter Tail Power Company is hosting a Holiday Light Exchange event at the Crookston Fire Station on South Main Street from 3-7 p.m. where families will get the opportunity to receive up to five strings of LED holiday lights if they donate non-perishable food items, personal hygiene items or cash. Quantities will be limited and get there while supplies last. Join Otter Tail in the helping to fight hunger and give back this holiday season.

Check out library events

The Crookston Public Library and Friends of the Library are hosting events for kids and adults alike this week starting with the Books and Brews Book Club Monday at the Crookston Inn where members can discuss “The Things They’ve Carried” by Tim O’Brien. Appetizers will be provided by the Friends. On Tuesday, they’ll have STEMsational Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. at the library for kids ages 7-12. They’ll be developing and honing their science skills by challenging themselves to create something that neither floats nor sinks. At 6 p.m. that evening, there will be a Community Forum on Vaping with Polk County Public Health and the Crookston School District to discuss the dangers of vaping including the effect it has on the body, how addictive nicotine is and ways to encourage children to make good choices for their future. Thursday morning, they’ll have Storytime at 10:30 a.m. for preschoolers and their caregivers. They’ll explore a different theme and do a craft each week. Later Thursday, the Rotary Club is hosting Rotary Reading Night from 5-6 p.m. at the library where Rotarians will read in the Children’s section, give out free books to kids and kids can decorate a bookmark and receive a snack. The library is the place to be this week!

Realize that the Broncos weren’t a cupcake opponent

The Minnesota Vikings' thrilling, come-from-behind victory at home over the Denver Broncos is leading many fans and football enthusiasts to conclude that victories aren't earned on paper, and proclaim things like "That's why they play the game." They're also calling it a "trap" game against a three-win team with the Vikings, looking forward to their bye week, possibly overlooked. But the thing is, the Broncos aren't that bad of a team. In fact, they're defense is possibly the best the Vikings have gone up against all season. The Broncos have led in the fourth quarter several times this season and lost. They've lost several games by less than seven points. Yes, Brandon Allen at quarterback, a young backup, shouldn't have struck fear into the hearts of Viking defenders, but he held his own, and let’s not forget that the Vikings so-called vaunted defense of late has been less than stalwart. Over the past five season, NFL teams down by 20 points or more at halftime were 0-99. Now, they're 1-99, thanks to the Vikings' stunning comeback against a team better than its record.

More details on President Trump’s visit to Walter Reed

There's a thing about being President of the United States that is supposed to require you to publicly disclose things. Things like your tax returns. And your health. President Donald Trump skirts both rules, and when he's gone in for routine, annual medical exams, his medical team praises the wonders of his perfect, unmatched health for a man of his age as if they're reading the government line in North Korea. But, now, the public needs to know more. The public needs to know the truth. Trump on Saturday visited Walter Reed Medical Center and several aspects surrounding the visit make it clear that he didn't just decide to get an early "phase" of his annual checkup done early because he had a "free weekend in Washington, D.C." With Trump, concerns about his mental and emotional health are at least as great as worries about his physical health. We need to know what's going on. He's our president; we deserve to know if he is well, or not well.

Look out for the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons started out the season horrendously. The team had high expectations going into the year, but have not lived up to them. The team has not changed much since their Super Bowl run just a few years ago, but they looked like absolute garbage as they started the season 1-7. Many Falcons fans hid given up on the season. Then somehow, the Falcons start to look like a completely different team and upset their division rivals the Saints and the Panthers. It really makes no sense, but the Falcons look like a dominant team again after winning two in a row. If the Falcons win the remainder of their games they will finish a respectable 9-7, and there would be a (very) slim chance of them getting into the playoffs. Seeing them in the playoffs would be awesome, and it would show how quickly things can change in the NFL.
– Cooper Brown, student writer and Atlanta native and Falcons fan