“Highland is a Great Place to Learn” - Allysen Wagner    

    Highland is a great place to be. The classrooms are great, the teachers work hard to keep highland a great place to learn, and at the end of the year we go on a big field trip.

    The classrooms are great because they have iPads and chromebooks to help us read and write papers.There is so much space to learn and all classrooms have different seating options.

    The teachers all work hard to keep Highland a great place to learn. I have never came across a teacher that wasn’t willing to help me for example, when I dropped my things a teacher always helped me pick them up. As well as the janitors keep our school clean. They work late to make sure we have a clean place to learn.

    At the end of the year we go on a big field trip. So far we have been to Opticare, the Wahpeton Zoo, and St. Paul. This year we are going to a logging camp in Grand Rapids. My favorite has been the St. Paul trip because it was so fun to be with all of my friends for a whole day.

    I think Highland is a great place to learn!

“The Great Things About Highland” - Demario Schroht

    Highland is a great place to grow. My favorite things about Highland are my teachers, science, band and STEM.

    Mrs. Griffin is my favorite teacher in the whole school and in the world because she teaches cool stuff that everybody wants to know about. We learn math, science, social, vocab, and writing. I love that we do STEM. STEM is science, technology engineering and math. I also like music, computers and gym.

    Mrs. Fuller teaches math with me. We work on long Division long addition, subtraction, multiplication and multiples. Mrs. Mason is so cool. She teaches me engish/ writing and vocab. I love everyone that teaches me!

    In conclusion if me and my classmates work super hard sometimes we get free time. I am so thankful that we have Tara, Jana, Michelle and Lori in the office without them this school would not be cool. They are very kind. Thanks office ladies.

“Highland is the Best” - Lydia Olson

    Have you ever been to Highland School? I have gone to Highland for year and I have the best time. I love Highland School! There are a lot of people that keep the school going. All the teachers are so kind and helpful. We also have breakfast in the classroom.

    There are a lot of people that keep the school going like Dr. Olson (my dad), Mr. Trostad, and the office people are very helpful and are so kind. When you walk in, they would say, “How are you doing?”, it is awesome. We also have the best cooks. They are polite and they make the best food. It is a lot of work to be a cook and all the dishes to clean. They are so awesome. The janitors do a lot of work too. Vacuuming and mopping are hard work.
The teachers are so kind they do so much. They help us learn. I come to school everyday and they are always there and happy they say how you are doing and they plan fun things to do. I love having teachers to help me. They treat us like their own kids. It is cool! I love teachers!

    We have breakfast in the classroom at Highland. It is great because in the morning I wake up and have to get ready for the bus and I miss breakfast. I do not have to worry about eating breakfast because we have it in the classroom. I love Highland.

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