Remembering a family of veterans.

Frank and Clara (Bruckbauer) Fischer raised a large family on their Home Township farm. They had seven sons, one who died as a young child, and four daughters. Five of the Fischer sons proudly served in the U.S. Army — four veterans of World War II and one a veteran of the Korean Conflict.

Herbert, Art, Wilbert, and Sylvester Fischer served during World War II; Benjamin served during the Korean Conflict, as a Supply Specialist stationed in France.

All five brothers returned from service, married and raised families, continuing their careers as dairy farmers.

Herbert’s daughter, Carol Waibel, said her dad was very proud of his service, but didn’t discuss it much with his daughters. Carol’s brother, Jim Fischer, doesn’t remember his dad talking about it to his sons either. Asked if the five brothers spoke about their service with each other, Jim said, “When they got together, they spoke in Bohemian (German.) So, I don’t know what they were talking about.”

The Fischer family is proud of the service their dads and uncles gave to their country. A proud tradition, with the happy outcome of all five brothers returning to the life they knew and raising farm-centered families.