Sleepy Eye has been the beneficiary of a number of helpful and valuable State, Federal, and private grants over the past months.

Sleepy Eye has been the beneficiary of a number of helpful and valuable State, Federal, and private grants over the past months. Here is a breakdown and dollar amount.

•12th Avenue NE railroad crossing, $1.7 million.

•Sleepy Eye Airport Lighting, $300,000.

•Blue Cross/Blue Shield (Region 9) grant for Welcoming Communities program, grant dollars split between communities in our area.

City officials are working on other grants for the future as well. They include the following:

•Orchid Inn demolition, up to $100,000

•Road repairs FEMA grant, up to $100,000

These grants really help the city manage its budget and yet, make significant progress and improvement. Our City Manager, EDA Coordinator, and City Engineer, all deserve thanks for their efforts to secure grants.

Working behind the scenes here in Sleepy Eye is a fine group of residents who make up the rather newly formed Sleepy Eye Downtown Revitalization Committee. This group is made up of Sara Hornbrook, Gary Windschitl, Kayla Jacobsen, Deanna Johnson, and Chairman, Tom Larsen. This is their mission statement:

…to serve and promote new and existing businesses in the downtown commercial district;

…to improve and maintain a beautiful place for economic development and revitalization through the facilitation of building standards;

…to provide access to resources for such building owners.

You will soon begin to see their mark on Main Street as they assist building owners with revitalization in a desirable and aesthetic manner.

An important consideration in the 2020 budget is the hiring of an investigative police officer for our police department. Investigations today typically fall on the officer on duty at the time the crime is reported. Obviously, these same officers have patrol duties that conflict with investigation. In order for them to investigate, they often need to work overtime when they are not conflicted with patrol duty. This new investigator position will be a huge asset to our police force. The Police Department has announced that Officer Shawn Bohnen will be the new investigative officer.

There’s an important distinction to be made in the recent complaint brought against a City Council member. That distinction is that the formal complaint was lodged by a private citizen. And because the complaint came to the City Council, the Council is obligated to act on it. Again, the important distinction is that the complaint was made TO the Council, not BY the Council. Some thought this was brought about by the City Council. It is good that the City Council was able to put the complaint against this Council member behind them using a method of “censure” of the Council member’s activity.