Area organizations and individuals have joined forces to bring school presenter/former wrestling champion Marc Mero to the community to speak to students and the public on a variety of issues affecting today’s youth. Mero will present at Crookston High School and University of Minnesota Crookston on Wednesday, Nov. 13.    

    For 14 years, Mero traveled worldwide as WWE wrestling champion “Johnny B. Badd’’, “Wildman” Marc Mero, and “Marvelous’’ Marc Mero. Today, he travels the country as a Christian speaker inspiring others to examine their life choices and make positive changes.     
    Mero’s presentation is geared toward middle and high school students. In his hour-long presentation, he’ll cover: Substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, bullying/cyberbullying/violence prevention, dream big – goal setting, and achieving your highest potential

    The event is free to the students and public.

    Crookston’s Melanie Lessard spearheaded the effort to bring Mero here. Lessard was very moved by Mero’s story and believes he can help build a stronger community through respect to others, anti-bullying, and suicide awareness and prevention.

    “When he speaks, it is totally from the heart. There will not be a dry eye in the place,’’ she said. “Life is not easy, but any help we can get with raising our children to be respectful adults will be huge.’’

    Lessard said she feels compelled to help area youth through trying times; her 17-year-old daughter has helped several friends contemplating suicide. Then, when an area youth committed suicide earlier this year, Lessard said, “Enough was enough.” She also shares that all three of her daughters have been bullied at some point in their lives, so having Mero share his message is very personal to her. “Our youth are our future and if this event saves one person, then I have succeeded in what my intentions are, to help.’’

    The following is a list of the free presentations:

    • 9 a.m.: Crookston High School. This presentation is for Crookston High School students in grades 7-12  and home-schooled students.

    • 5 p.m.: Kiehle Auditorium, UMC. This event is for UMC students and the public.

    • 7 p.m.: CHS. This presentation is for the public.

    Funds from last year and this year’s Ms. Tootsie Pageant, which Lessard spearheads, were donated to the Mero presentation. Other sponsors include RiverView Recovery Center, Glenmore Foundation, Northwestern Mental Health Center, Drug Task Force and area anonymous donors.