Minnesota Court Bishop Schenk #2010 from Crookston had a busy October.

    A New Member Courtroom Ceremony and Reception was held at the rural St Mary’s Catholic Church in Euclid.  Four new members were accepted into the court. The District Deputy and several State Officers were in attendance.

    Also, Make A Difference Day was celebrated on October 9. Personal deliveries of “Roses in a vase” were given to all of our shut-ins at the local Nursing Home, the Bishop, our Chaplain, Deacons, Parish Staff, School Staff, Care and Share Homeless Shelter and the sisters at Mount St Benedict.

    CDA Sunday was held in another rural and quaint church at St Peters Church in Gentilly. Also, our annual Habitat project of selling Gummi Bears was held at all of our weekend masses to raise monies for Habitat.

    Plans are underway to celebrate our courts 50th anniversary early next year. We are blessed to still have many of our charter members.