Improving communication and enhancing relationships with parents and the community is a big part of the strategic plan.

With better communication and enhanced relationships in the schools and with the community a major component of the strategic plan approved earlier this year, Crookston School District Superintendent Jeremy Olson had an initial sit-down with a company this week that specializes in optimizing communications via social media.

Olson tells the times it’s just one meeting so far with SocialSchool4EDU, based in Woodbury, Minnesota, and he has not committed any funding toward utilizing their services. But he knows if the school board wants to travel down that road, any firm they might work with will require some sort of fee.

“As part of our strategic plan, communication with our families and community is incredibly important, which prompted us to start to explore what we are looking for and asking the question, ‘How can we communicate better?’” Olson explains.

Companies like SocialSchool4EDU provide a wide range of services, he continues, that range from support/training of staff, to having a company actually manage the district’s social media presence.

Olson says he’s not rushing into anything. The current plan, he said, is for the district to continue to manage its social media internally. However, that could change as the district’s social media needs are further explored.

“It’s not just getting information out on referendum-type things, but also on the good things going on in the public schools,” the superintendent noted.


News & Notes

• The board’s meeting this week was the last one for Nick Nicholas, who agreed to step into the seat vacated by Kari Miller in June and remain on the board until a replacement to finish Miller’s term is elected. Candidates Jim McBride and Mike Theis are running for the seat and will be on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Nicholas was a board member and board chair previously. He agreed to serve from June to November, with a mutual understanding between he and the board that he would not run in the Nov. 5 special election.

“We really appreciate you stepping in when we needed somebody,” Board Chair Frank Fee said. “With your experience and expertise, it was a smooth transition.”

Nicholas longtime neighbor from across the street, board member Dave Davidson, said the two have talked school district and education in the middle of the street for years, and he hopes they continue to do so.

Nicholas said he thinks the board is heading in the right direction under the leadership of Olson, whom he said is “doing a tremendous job.”

• Olson noted that the “gifted and talented” program at Highland School is fully up and running, under the leadership of teacher Amber Sannes. Highland Principal Chris Trostad said Sannes is doing an outstanding job and is a perfect fit for the program. Using a variety of performance measures, students who might benefit most from gifted and talented curriculum have been identified, Trostad said.

“It’s really exciting to see,” Olson added. It’s a great opportunity for our kids to experience a little different experience compared to the rest of their day.”