Cooper the Times’ student writer hits the CHS halls because inquiring minds want to know

    Crookston High School senior and Times’ student writer Cooper Brown recently roamed the halls of the high school, camera and notebook in hand – actually, he recorded their answers on his cell phone – and asked students and staff which Minnesota sports team they are currently most excited about, and why. Then, on the flip side, he asked them which Minnesota sports team scares them the most or makes them the most nervous, and why.

    What appears here are the students and their answers.

Josh Bernia: What he’s excited about: “Minnesota Lynx. They’re actually good, they might make a championship run. They’re very fun to watch.”

What he’s scared about: “The Timberwolves are going to be disappointing. Other than Karl Anthony Towns, they’re not fun to watch.”

Ben Brantner: What he’s excited about: “Timberwolves, because the season is starting. I’m excited to see the young talent such as Anthony Wiggins and Josh Okogie.”

What he’s scared about: “The Vikings. Even when it seems like we’re doing good, we always choke, whether at the end of the regular season or the playoffs. I’m scared they will let me down again.”

Brady Butt: What He’s excited about: “Twins because of their youth and the pitching prospects they have, and they should pan out. They got a really good young manager as well.”

What he’s scared about: “Timberwolves. We have a good young center, but there is no support around him. They have a very young and inexperienced coaching staff.”

Emily Gillette: What she’s excited about: “Minnesota United. It’s their third MLS Season and I’m hyped for the players that got to be on a team that was semi-successful this year.”

What she’s scared about: “Vikings, because they tend to let people down when it matters most.”

Isaac Black, teacher: What he’s excited about: “Twins because it would be fun to see them win the world series again. They had a good run this year. If we get a good pitcher or two we got a championship caliber team.”

What he’s scared about: “Vikings. They know how to break your heart. I vividly remember 1998, when Gary Anderson missed that field goal.”