Marisa Nix is a senior, majoring in Communications. She will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor’s of Science Communications with an emphasis on Communication Studies. Nix grew up in a small town, about two hours north of Crookston, called Roseau, Minnesota. It is a huge farming community of about 2,500 people and also considered the hockey capital of the state. Roseau is 10 miles south of the Canadian border, and yes, it gets incredibly cold. Nix played hockey growing up for about 12-13 years and came from a big farming family. Nix and her family do not “farm animals” as most people ask, they are actually only crop farmers. She has two younger sisters, McKenzie, 20, and Maddie, 18. Nix recently got engaged in August, on her 24th birthday to her very own farmer. Nix has known her fiancé for about seven years and they started dating last September after being friends for so long. They decided that next September they will be getting married, so now her life is full of final year of college and wedding planning! Nix's fiancé got her a sweet chocolate lab puppy last Christmas and she is just wonderful, her name is Sadie.

    Nix recently moved back last summer from Dallas, Texas to continue her education. She moved there when she was 19 years old and lived there for 3 years on her own before coming back home with her Associate of Arts degree. Living on her own taught her so many things, firstly being “Marisa, you have food at home.” It also taught her that she can do absolutely anything she sets her mind to if she believes in herself. Nix had to make her own money and work hard if she wanted to go out with friends to do other things. Rent and bills came first and Nix thinks that is why she can consider herself a responsible adult because she did not have the typical college experience in the dorms.

    Nix found herself and grew into a real life adult. When she graduated down in Texas she had a lot of planning to do as far as where she was going to continue for her Bachelor’s Degree. Nix had many options down in Texas, such as the University of North Texas, Texas Women’s University and many more. Nonetheless, Nix remembers growing up, her grandfather would always say, “You know, Crookston has a great school and because of me you can get a scholarship so technically I AM paying for your school.” He would always joke with her saying she would never find a way to get him to pay for her college tuition. Ultimately, her grandfather is the reason why she chose to come to UMN Crookston. Her grandfather is an alumni with the Northwest School of Agriculture, as are many of her cousins. It is kind of a Magnusson thing to come to UMN Crookston. On top of her grandpa being an alumni here for high school, he also graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the Twin Cities campus years later, you could say maroon and gold is in her blood and she is keeping the tradition alive.

    Growing up he always spoke so highly of UMN Crookston, and it took Nix a move across the country to Texas to realize she should give it a try. In January of 2018, five months before graduating, Nix decided to tour UMN Crookston with him and her sister and instantly fell in love with not only the campus, but the school and people as well. From the get-go she felt right at home and so welcomed. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, they knew who she was every single time she called with questions and were always willing to help her right on the spot. Nix knew this was the University she wanted to attend to finish her education. It’s a family tradition to come here and Nix is honored to continue the tradition. Nix is thrilled to become a UMN Crookston alumni herself! Forever a Golden Eagle.