16 incidents reported since the beginning of October, Chief Biermaier says when asked by the Times.

So far this month, Police Chief Paul Biermaier said when asked by the Times, the Crookston Police Department has received approximately 16 reports of thefts from vehicles, sheds, garages and two homes. The locations vary having occurred in the northeast part of town, the south end Campbell Road area, Woods Addition, Memorial Drive and Jerome’s Addition. At some locations the doors were locked, other locations the doors were unlocked. Items taken include power tools, electronics, gasoline, money and other miscellaneous things.


The CPD urges everyone to make sure doors and windows are locked to all homes, sheds, garages, and vehicles. Do not leave valuable items inside vehicles and make sure all tools and other items are not left in the yard. 


If you hear or see anything that you believe is a crime in progress call 911 immediately. Report any other suspicious activity to the CPD at 281-3111.  


If anyone in the affected areas mentioned have outdoor security cameras that could help in assisting the investigation, they are asked to review the footage and call the CPD with any relevant information they find.


“With your help we hope to quickly identify and arrest the person or persons responsible for these crimes,” Biermaier stated in a CPD release.