Get your flu shot at RiverView before flu season hits.

With cold weather creeping in and flu season just around the corner, RiverView’s North Clinic, Crookston, will be holding public flu shot clinics from 4 to 7 pm on the following days:

Tuesday, Oct. 22nd

Wednesday, Oct. 23rd

Tuesday, Oct. 29th

Wednesday, Oct. 30th

Those who wish to have their insurance billed will be asked to present their insurance card. The cost of the flu vaccine is covered by Medicare and Medicaid, so individuals with those insurances are asked to present their insurance cards at the time of the shot as well.

If you have a child or are an adult with an aversion to shots, please ask your nurse to use “Buzzy’’ in administering the shot. Buzzy is an FDA approved device used to help block the pain of injections, IVs, burning from medications and even muscle soreness. Buzzy is available for use at all RiverView Clinics and has been given the thumbs up by users of all ages.

Call 281-9595 to make an appointment.