During their “other” items discussion after the regular agenda was covered at this week’s Park Board meeting, Park Board Chair Garrett Borowicz brought up weed spraying in Crookston parks citing that Evergreen Park is just one that has “a lot” of thistles. Parks & Recreation Director Scott Riopelle said the city hasn’t sprayed the parks for a couple years and it’s “kind of a catch 22” as the city has been accused of killing resident’s ornamental plants if the wind carries the chemical outside the park. Riopelle added that they “don’t necessarily” have the equipment or the man-power, but they could look into it for the spring.

    When asked how many applications would have to be made to make a difference and when suggested to start around the playgrounds where people have been picking thistles, Riopelle said the city does have a pump and they will see what they can do. He also noted that Highland Park is sprayed annually by an outside entity that deals with ballfields.


    Pool Manager Cody Brekken gave the Park Board an update on the pool which recently had a visit from the Minnesota Department of Health (food/pools/lodging) and they had no write-ups or corrective actions. Brekken said they checked the pool water, checked all filters and pumps and he’ll have the final numbers when he gets the report back.

    He added that they’ve recently added new equipment fins, an aqua guide, and new door closers are on-hand and ready to be installed.

    “We’re still working on the shower part,” Brekken continued. “Dan Nyseth is also coming in November to give a quote on water fountains and bottle fillers.”

    Brekken told the board the next round of swim lessons will be held November 11-21 and the last Pirates swim meet will be held this Friday, October 25 with five teams. When asked approximately how many people visit Crookston for swim meets, Brekken said this tournament will have close to 60 people.

    “Is there anything for concessions or setup?” asked Park Board member Becky Kofoed.

    “No concessions set up yet,” Brekken answered, also pointing out that at previous larger meets Mrs. Heppner’s fourth grade class has provided concessions.

    Kofoed suggested, it being the last meet, to try to have concessions as, although food options aren’t too far away, “it would be kind of nice not to have to leave (to get food.)"