Offer your input on parks and recreating things you want

In the discussion leading up to this Wednesday's brainstorming session on Parks and Recreation amenities, facilities, resources or programs that Crookston residents would like to see at Crookston Sports Center and the community at large, one quote stands out from last week's city council meeting, courtesy of City Administrator Shannon Stassen. When some council members were talking about a lack of money to do a lot of the recreational-related things Crookston residents might like to have, he said that if a lot of people want something, then it would probably be in the City's best interests to pursue it. So, there you have it...grassroots public input at its finest. Go to Bede Ballroom at 7 p.m. this Thursday, and tell them what you want.

See a free movie Saturday

The Crookston Rotary Club is hosting a free movie for the community at the Grand Theater this Saturday, Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. and kids eat free with a paid adult after the movie at DaRoos Pizza in Crookston. Concessions will be available and kids will receive their meal coupon at the movie. This is the second time the Rotary has hosted a free movie at the Grand and lunch at DaRoos, the first time being held during a blizzard in February. The Rotary is a service club looking to give back to the community and will be offering similar events throughout the year. Anyone that’s looking to be a part of the international club of Rotary can attend a meeting, which are held the second and third Wednesday of the month at noon at the Crookston Inn, contact a Rotary member or send a message to their Facebook page.

More all-female space walks

On October 18, two female NASA astronauts completed the first ever all female spacewalk. The astronauts were Jessica Meir and Christina Koch, and their trip lasted for a little over seven hours. President Trump called them during the space walk, and said “The job that you do is incredible, I’m thrilled to be speaking with two brave American astronauts making history.” Other females have done spacewalks before, but this is the first time it is an all female spacewalk. The job was not out of the ordinary for the astronauts, but Meir and Kock recognized the importance of it. This should pave the way for many more space operations run by females in the future.
– Cooper Brown, student writer

Minnesotans just enjoy the ride

You have to love Minnesotans. For the most part, we're extremely proud of the state we call home, and if we lived here at one time or were born here and end up living somewhere else, our love of and appreciation for Minnesota stays with us, and of course we're always "Minnesota Nice." But when it comes to our sports teams, too often we forget to enjoy the good times because we're always assuming the bad times are right around the corner. We think we're going to be left standing alone at the dance. Look at the Twins. They had a fantastic season, and now we're all worried whiz General Manager Derek Falvey is going to leave, to become head of the Boston Red Sox operation. Same with Gopher football head coach P.J. Fleck. The Gophers are ranked #17 in the country, and now the defeatist Minnesotans are afraid he'll leave for a higher-profile and bigger-money job. Enjoy the ride, Minnesotans!

Pay attention to muddy roads during beet harvest

The weather has been quite unfavorable for beet harvest farmers and their employees in the fall of 2019 with all the rain and snow, so whenever they get a chance to get in the field they will take it. Some have been lucky to get in this past week and others not so much. As a reminder, the roads during beet harvest will get muddy and sometimes beets fall off trailers so drivers need to pay close attention when traveling out of town and near beet plants in Crookston and East Grand Forks, and beyond. Slow down, use your signals, and don’t follow trucks too close.