Staff sign it first

    RiverView Health held a “Topping Off” ceremony Tuesday to raise the final steel beam for their hospital expansion project. RiverView employees also had a chance to sign the beam before it was placed in the northeast corner of the building project. The project is set is to be completed by mid to late 2020.

    At the event, Dr. Collin Fennell welcomed guests and Mortensen Construction project manager Jason Toso provided some “fun facts” about their progress on the project thus far:

    • 445 tons of iron set in place

    • Heaviest piece weighed 3,820 lbs, as much as a medium-sized car

    • 8,250 total bolts used


    • 8,500 yards of clay excavated, 13 yards per haul or 650 trucks

    • 7,000 yards of clay backfill reinstalled, 13 yards per haul or 540 trucks

    • 11,000 yards of sand backfill hauled in, 13 yards per haul or 850 trucks

    • 19,000 tons of class 5 hauled in, 27 tons per haul or 700 trucks

    • 2,500 tons of demo debris hauled off (5,000,000 lbs) or 90 trucks

    • 2,000 tons of concrete debris hauled off (4,000,000 lbs) or 75 trucks


    • 50 tons of rebar placed

    • 2,710 yards of cementitious materials placed or roughly 271 concrete trucks


    • Roughly 20,000 man hours worked (thus far) not including office employees which is the equivalent of one person working for 9.5 years at 40 hours a week

    • Total trucks - 2,275 trucks worth of haul-off and backfill

    • Total concrete trucks - 271 trucks

    • Total of 235 different faces cycling through the project

    • Running 45-55 strong at the moment