Incident occurred at Woodland Avenue residence

    A Crookston man is facing three felonies and a misdemeanor after entering someone’s apartment without permission and alleged assault. Jerome James John Hermann, 46, could see more than 20 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines if convicted of all charges and recently requested to be extradited to North Dakota after release.

    According to the court complaint, on September 23, a Crookston Police officer responded to Gretchen Lane for a report of an assault. They spoke with S.T. who stated that she lives on Woodland Avenue alone and that day she heard someone enter her residence without knocking. S.T. stated that the person, who she “knew right away” was Hermann, yelled, “Where the hell are you S*****!” and complained about the mess in the kitchen. S.T. said she’s scared of Hermann and that Hermann grabbed her by the biceps and shook her which caused her pain in her arms and neck. She repeatedly asked Hermann to stop and leave her residence, she told the officer. S.T. told the officer that Hermann caused a bruise on her left bicep from the incident.

    S.T. also said that she and Hermann had never had a sexual or friendly relationship and have never lived together, but added this was not the first time that Hermann had grabbed her yet it was the first time she reported this type of incident to the police, said the complaint.

    In a report to the Northwestern Mental Health Center, S.T. told an employee that a week prior Hermann found S.T. walking and made her get into his vehicle where he grabbed her and shook her then brought S.T. to her residence. S.T. ran inside her residence and locked the door, but did not want to call the police.

    The CPD subsequently located Hermann at Mike’s Muffler Shop and Hermann stated he knew S.T., was at her residence that morning where he sat in a char, that he did not grab or shake S.T. and that S.T.’s bruises were from “something else” and he was ring to “help” S.T. The officer then arrested Hermann for burglary in the first degree and assault, and transported Hermann to the Northwest Regional Corrections Center.

    During a statement, Hermann said he met S.T. at the Care and Share in Crookston, he got mad at S.T. one time while he was helping her move and that S.T. unlocked the door for him the day of the reported incident and invited him in. Hermann claimed he never picked up S.T. while she was walking, denied ever assaulting S.T. at the Care and Share, and told the officer that he’s not a criminal, he’s never had a burglary charge, and he does not understand why he is being charged.

    Hermann has prior convictions of burglary and criminal sexual conduct from the 1990s and disorderly conduct in 2010.