Kelly and his Public Works crew are getting ready in rapid fashion

    Fall Clean-Up Week isn’t even upon us yet, and, yet, for the second consecutive fall, Crookston and the surrounding region is poised to get walloped by an early blast of winter.

    A winter storm watch is in effect for Crookston Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon. During that time, Crookston could be in line to receive up to 10 inches of snow.

    Crookston was hammered by a major winter storm in early October of 2018, too.

    The system triggering the winter storm watch is the second of two low pressure systems that will move through the area. The first is rolling in late Wednesday and will continue into Thursday and is expected to bring a significant amount of rain, the latest heavy patch of precipitation to soak the region over the past several weeks.

    With daytime high temperatures forecast to be in the mid-30s and overnight lows in the low-30s from now and through the weekend, exactly when or if the rain will turn to snow is not entirely known at this point. What is known is that it’s going to be windy, with gusty north winds blowing the precipitation, whether it’s rain or snow, around.

Getting ready

    City of Crookston Public Works Director Pat Kelly and his crew are making sure they have all of their snow moving and removal equipment ready to roll in case a lot of snow falls. “All our equipment should be ready to go,” he tells the Times.

    Advances in weather forecasting have given him and his staff more lead time in recent years when it comes to getting ready for early snows. “It makes it less likely to get caught,” Kelly said. “That being said, there have been instances where light snow has been predicted and we’ve been dumped no, and vice-versa.”

    Fall Clean-Up Week is scheduled for Oct. 21-25, by the way.