Major low pressure system bearing down on the region later this week

    The winter of 2018-19 was by all accounts a harsh one, with many snowstorms and blizzards leaving the white stuff piled far higher than usual. But what made last winter such a drag for so many was also the fact that a major winter storm in early October left a lot of snow on the ground and made the winter seem so much longer than most.

    Are we in for more of the same this early October?

    Although it’s still several days away, the system’s track is uncertain and some of the precipitation could be in the form of rain depending on the temperatures, forecasters are cautioning that a major weather system is poised to roll into the Northern Plains late Wednesday — after two balmy, sunny days on Monday and Tuesday. Rain is expected to commence Wednesday evening, and by Thursday it could be a rainy and snowy mix. By Friday and into Saturday, the precipitation is expected to be all snow.

    Once the system arrives, daytime high temperatures are forecast to be in the mid-30s, with morning lows in the upper-20s.

    National Weather Service forecasters in Grand Forks stress that there is much uncertainty regarding the direction the low pressure system will track, and how much rain and snow will fall. Meanwhile, forecasters at Weather Underground are projecting that by the time the system rolls out on Saturday, there could be a foot of snow on the ground in and around Crookston.

    If you’re traveling, keep tabs on the changing forecast, hold onto your hats, and grab your shovels.