Also, inmate visits get a video upgrade.

    The Northwest Regional Corrections Center in Crookston held their 4th Annual Resources for Reintegration Fair this week and, again, had 98 percent participation from inmates. There were 24 organizations who had booths at the fair that included resources for housing, employment, education and beyond.

    Jail Administrator Joey Pederson told the Times that the Reintegration Fair is “totally” elective of the inmates, but those that do attend find help when they’re ready to reintegrate back into the community.

    “This fair is geared to bring community resources together and, hopefully, help inmates transition back into the community,” he explained. “Their lives get disrupted, so having access to housing, employment, and even medical insurance when they get out will be important.”

    “UMC is here for continuing education, but we actually have our own GED program,” Pederson added. “Inmates have the ability to get their GED on-site while they’re incarcerated.”

    The Resources for Reintegration Fair is an all-day event held annually and the participating agencies also have a chance to tour the jail.


    Inmates’ friends, family and loved ones are now able to remotely visit someone incarcerated at the Northwest Regional Corrections Center over their home internet connection. NWRCC upgraded their video visitation capabilities a couple years ago and, if you can’t make it to the Polk County jail for a free video visit, you can remotely connect for a visit for just $5.95 for 20 minutes. Jail Administrator Joey Pederson said the cost is comparable to a phone call from the jail.

    “Video visits from home have become increasingly popular,” Pederson explained. “It’s a cost savings to connect from home and not have to drive to the jail where there would be the same visit over video.”

    “The jail does not offer contact visits,” he added. “Only the judge can authorize in-person visits.”

    Pederson said there is a registration process with the new system and visits have to be approved with checks for protection orders and court orders.

    Inmates receive 20-minute visits over video and can schedule multiple visits in one day. The system defaults to 20 minutes and all visits are prearranged.

    Phone call visits are unlimited and depend on the inmate’s funds or if they call collect. Inmate’s friends and family can also purchase phone time online through the jail’s vendor Securis.