The current maximum amount is actually a decrease or a number in the negative

    Crookston School Board preliminarily approved the maximum tax levy for 2020 during this week’s meeting which equals out to be a decrease, or a number in the negative. Superintendent Jeremy Olson told the Times that the actual number could change daily.

    “Today it might be negative 6.9 (percent), tomorrow it might be (negative) 7, and next week it might be (negative) 6.5,” he explained to the Times. “You could call me every day and I’d get a different percentage.”

    “We are very different than counties and cities, and as state information is being fed, based on valuations in the area, those dollars change,” Olson added. “Actual certification will be in December after the truth in taxation hearing.”

    Olson said he wants the district to have the authority to levy whatever the state allows them to levy and, in December, it will come time to present the final dollar amount at the hearing, and the community can give their feedback.

    Olson told the board levying for the maximum is something that “99 percent of schools do.” He said the last calculated rendition showed a decrease for the district in taxation though he couldn’t promise anything because there will be several renditions (from the state) over time.

    Olson reiterated to the board that they’re governed by finance formulas and to be “very careful” and talk about the percentages that can “ebb and flow” over time.

    “Right now everything looks pretty positive for a decrease,” he added.

    The truth in taxation hearing will be held December 19, 2019 where the school board will approve the final levy.