Over at “Nana’s Farm”, home to Lenore and Tom Anderson just east of Highland Elementary School, students have been enjoying tours and scavenger hunts through the gardens and pumpkin patches as part of a class learning project. Erica Uttermarks’ fifth grade class visited the farm Thursday and spent time enjoying the outdoors and all the growing produce. Plus, they got a barrel train ride.

    For the scavenger hunt, each group, led by an adult, is given a sheet and must find all the different flowers and produce, and color-coordinate items found with the paint swatches they’re given.

    Group 4’s scavenger hunt went like this:
    Location - Flower Patch

    • Find the “Teddy Bear” sunflowers and count them. Why are they called “Teddy Bears?”

    • Find the purple peppers, count them. Why are there purple peppers?
    Location Pumpkin Patch

    • Decide which pumpkin is the green cinderella pumpkin and why?

    • Find the pink pumpkin with nuts on it. Why do they have nuts?

    • Find the swan neck gourds hiding and talking with each other. What are they saying?

    • Find the smallest orange pumpkin and the largest orange pumpkin and decide how much they weigh.
    Location - High Tunnel

    • Count how many cucumbers there are.
    The students were also told that they were each taking home a mini pumpkin.

    Nana’s Farm is planning a Family Day event for the public on Saturday, September 28. Stay tuned for more details.