City of Crookston needs to craft an ordinance to regulate those types of businesses.

With Northwest Small Business Development Center (SBDC) consultant Christine Anderson reporting to City of Crookston leaders that a couple of her clients are interested in opening a distillery and brew pub in Crookston, the city council this week gave City Administrator Shannon Stassen and Finance Director Angel Weasner the go-ahead to start crafting a local ordinance that would regulate such businesses.

The ordinance will regulate four types of similar businesses or things produced by the businesses: Distilleries, brew pubs, growlers and microbreweries.

Weasner said the League of Minnesota Cities has some ordinance templates that she can refer to. She will add any requirements necessary due to City of Crookston codes, then bring it to the council for review. The City can include additional restrictions if it so desires, she noted, but a couple council members cautioned against crafting too strict of an ordinance that potentially scares any entrepreneurs off.

For an example for comparison purposes, Far North Spirits in Hallock is a distillery, and Revelation Ale in that same city is a microbrewery and brew pub. If someone were to open only a brew pub in Crookston, Anderson said they’d buy their craft beers or microbrews from elsewhere and simply sell and serve them at their establishment. Revelation Ale brews the beer and sells and serves it.

“These ventures are very popular,” Anderson said. “It’s better to be proactive and have an ordinance in place that covers all four.”