The Sunrise Center for Children and Families child care center at the Cathedral in Crookston has announced that the decision to close the Center has been made. Their last day of operation will be Friday, December 20, 2019.

Center Director Susan Murphy said while looking at the future of the Center, the Sisters of St. Benedict have come to the conclusion that Sunrise will not be able to be sustainable without a sponsor or financial assistance from other sources. This led to their decision to close.

The Center currently provides care for 25 children, Murphy told the Times, but some have already found alternate care.

"As our sponsor, the Sisters have volunteered their time, talent, prayers and monetary assistance to Sunrise Center," Murphy said in a statement. "They have given guidance and help to Sunrise when needed.  As the number of Sisters decrease, so too has their time to devote to Sunrise." 

"​For the past few years, the Sisters have looked at possible sponsors to take over Sunrise Center.  Unfortunately, they were unable to find suitable sponsors that would fit within our mission," she added. "Adding to our dilemma, we were informed that a change in sponsorships would require Sunrise Center to relocate.  Finding a new location and renovating or building a suitable, regulatory compliant space would be cost prohibitive under any scenario.  Also with a shortage of quality workers, Sunrise Center cannot operate at their full potential while serving our families."

Sunrise Center for Children and Families child care center was established by the Sisters of St. Benedict in 1994 to serve families in the Crookston area.  Sunrise Center was separately incorporated in 1998 and is governed by its own board of directors, while remaining under the sponsorship/ownership of the Sisters of St. Benedict.