Back to School!

    Back to school week is a very interesting time filled with complex emotions and a feeling of overall excitement. What I remember vividly from my student days was the smell of the fresh crayons, the freshness of new folders, and that feeling of hope for the future. Anything is possible! I remember as a teacher, how excited I was to finally have a classroom of my own. I thought about how I was going to greet my kids, worried about how I was going to help them learn, and wondered if I was up to the task. Anything was possible! Now I sit in an office reflecting on the summer, thinking about our kids coming back and all the challenges and opportunities of a new year.      

    Anything is possible! The opportunities that come with the fresh start of a new year and the idea that anything is possible afford us hope. Hope that this next year will be the year to make the breakthrough, to accomplish our goals, and to live up to our full potential. This will be a great year!

Thank You’s

    First of all a big thank you to all of our staff for your dedication and work this week to prepare for students. We had several staff volunteer several hours beyond what they were paid for to get ready for the year and make their classrooms an inviting place for our kids. Thank you to Chris Trostad and Travis Oliver for the work that they have been doing throughout the summer to make some modifications to Highland. I also want to recognize the instructional and custodial staff at Washington and Highland who have moved rooms and adjusted to all the changes that have been made in room assignments and configuration.

    Our local media are also deserving of gratitude for their coverage of our teams, schools, and special events. Crookston Times and KROX Radio have done a fantastic job of keeping our community members informed on what is going on in and around our schools.

    I would also like to thank the Crookston School Board for making so many things a reality at our schools. They have invested their time in greeting staff for the back to school workshops, invested dollars into making renovations at Highland, expanding preschool, adding gifted/talented instruction, and provided additional support for struggling students. I am very proud to serve a visionary School Board!

Staff Accomplishments

    We had several staff members over the course of the summer complete degrees. Congratulations to the following teachers as they attain advanced degrees in their areas of study:

    • Andrea Adrian Master’s in Special Education
    • Kaia Bubna Master's in Special Education
    • Josh Hardy Master’s in Coaching and Exercise Science
    • Rachel Hurner Masters of Arts Degree in Education
    • Sarah Pester Masters of Arts Degree in Education
    • Matt Torgerson Specialist Degree in Educational Administration

    I am incredibly proud of these staff members achievements and wish them the very best as they continue their educational journey!

Public Informational Meetings on the Proposed Referendums-Mark Your Calendars!

    On November 5th, voters will be asked to vote on two referendum questions. The first question deals with the operating levy. Crookston Public Schools is asking for a repeal and replace for ten years. The district is proposing to voters to repeal the current 604 dollars per student referendum and replace with a 10 year referendum for 523 dollars per student. This will result in a tax decrease for residential and commercial property owners over what was paid last year.

    The second question will be regarding a 2.9 million dollars bus garage that is being recommended by the building committee. This bus garage would be a steel framed structure for the buses and maintenance bays with a stick built separate structure for smaller vehicles in order to bring down costs of construction.

    Crookston Public Schools will be holding tours of the bus garage and informational meetings on September 26th and October 24th. We are hoping that these meetings will be informational and will answer any questions you may have about both question one and question two.

    September 26th at 4:00 pm- current bus garage tour open house (at the bus garage), 6:00 pm  Informational Meeting at the Crookston High School Auditorium.

    October 24th at 4:00- pm current bus garage tour open house (at the bus garage), 6:00 pm  Informational Meeting at the Crookston High School Auditorium.

Contact Info

    If you have any questions about what is happening at Crookston Public Schools, please feel free to contact me:

    In person: (please call ahead as I want to make sure I am present to meet with you) District Office, door #10 at Crookston High School.

    Phone (office): 218-281-5313

    Phone (cell): 218-770-8717


    Follow me on Twitter: @Crookstonsupt