Superintendent Olson cautions that the student count is different from "Average Daily Membership," on which the state bases its education funding.

Crookston School District Superintendent Jeremy Olson reports that student enrollment on the first day of the 2019-20 school year on Tuesday was 1,132.

That number is the actual student count. The Minnesota Department of Education bases state education funding on the enrollment formula known as “average daily membership” or ADM. ADM is different from an actual student count in that things like students attending college full or part-time via the post-secondary enrollment option are subtracted from a district’s ADM.

Bitten on the revenue side of the budget in recent years by opening day enrollment projections that ended up being too high after enrollment slides during the school year, the Crookston School Board earlier in the summer based its 2019-20 budget on an ADM projection of 1,082. 

The projection for the actual student count, Olson explained, is 1,108. 

For comparison purposes, the first-day enrollment in 2018 was 1,124.

“We are up both from where we were at this point last year by eight students, and up 24 students from where we had projected for this year given last spring’s enrollment, plus an assumption for kindergarten,” Olson explained.

The numbers, by the grade

Here is how you get to the opening-day student count of 1,132 students:

• K-78

• 1-69

• 2-89

• 3-69

• 4-88

• 5-80

• 6-95

• 7-101

• 8-96

• 9-104

• 10-95

• 11-81

• 12-87