On July 13 and 14, Isaac Wandrie participated in the first ever USA Pencak Silat National Championships which were held in Loveland, Colorado. There were over 150 athletes, coaches, and officials from 20 different states, as well as ambassadors from Indonesia and international celebrities present. It was the first officially sanctioned event of its kind in the United States and also served as tryouts to represent the US team in future international competitions.

    Isaac competed with Jurus Tunggal, a standardized solo form showcasing empty-hand techniques as well as the golok (large, single-bladed, heavy knife) and the tongkat panjang (long staff).

    Isaac received First Place in his division and an invitation to compete in Singapore in October.

    For more information about Pencak Silat and classes held here in Crookston, please contact Thomas LaJesse or Nicole Wandrie at iwmaa.mn@gmail.com.